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Dear Jeff,

I just wanted to write you and let you know how much you have helped my family in making my dreams come true.

We have been looking and searching for homes all over and have been turned down by our not-so-good credit, then... we passed a home in a good area. 

A nice home with a large (fenced in) yard and we thought that it would not be possible to get this home with all the other turndowns that we have had due to our credit history.

So we decided to give it a try, we thought what would another "sorry, we cannot help you" do to us?

We called and the next day we meet you and took a look at the house, still thinking that it won't happen, and after for awhile you told us you could help

That night we thought that you would have to be a miracle worker in order for it to happen.  Next thing we know not even four days later, you call and say "You got the house!"

I couldn't believe it!  I almost jumped out of my skin.

So needless to say, you are a miracle worker and if you can help us, you can help anyone!!!

So Jeff, this is a big THANKS for everything!!!

Thanks again,

Michelle Hamoshon
Immediate Home Solutions
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Michelle H
Pompano Beach, FL

I didn't think you could do what you said. However we moved into our Dream home in a matter of Days

VIP Real Estate Solutions
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T Early
Savannah, GA

I purchased a lot at auction from Pensacola Homebuyers, and made the winning bid. The auction was conducted precisely by the minute and even though I found out there were bids on the property after my bid, that the clock had run out and the auction was conducted precisely by the rules. I have total confidence that Mr. Struck and his business partners conduct all their transactions in a very ethical manner. They can help someone with unconventional needs, and "think out of the box" to accomplish a customer's real estate goals and give them good value at the same time. They love a challenge and will do an outstanding job for their customers.
Pensacola Home Buyers
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Marie Pierce
Pensacola, FL

I just want to thank the both of you for working with us and being such great and caring people.  You must both sleep very well at night for helping people the way you do.
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Sandra Draper
Palmyra, VA

Didn't think we could buy a home with our damaged credit, but after talking to Chris we found out it was possible.  She was very helpful. J Since 1984
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D. & C. Reinsma

I found that Chris was very helpful and we are very pleased with our new house. Since 1984
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B. & C. Mattingly
Hammond, IN

Smooth, easy and highly recommended. Since 1984
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D. & L. Laux
Valparaiso, IN

Great company to work with!  Chris is awesome and I and my family are truely grateful for the help we received to purchase our 1st home. Since 1984
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G. & J Suarez
Griffith, IN

Working with Chris has made the process of buying a house enjoyable.  I'd recommend your company to anyone.  Job well done!! Since 1984
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L. Talbert
Crown Point, IN

We are very happy with everything.  Everyone explained all the info accurately.  We would definately refer a friend to your company. 

Thank you for all your help! Since 1984
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J. Freeman
Highland, IN

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