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Phil and Lindsey,
You have done a great job answering all our questions! You have helped with anything we've asked about.  We still love our home!  It's still our flower!  And I can't wait to say it's ours and to have my family over  for Thanksgiving and Christmas! :) We have already had a few family get togethers and have had a wonderful time doing it. The house flows perfectly for us and our lifestyle which is much better than our past apartments and townhome.  Phillip Warrick and Lindsey we love our new home thank you very much for thinking of us.  Thanks for  giving us the time to get our financing in place thru your lease purchase program!!
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Sadena Maddox
Pasadena, TX

Dear Phillip and Lindsey Warrick,


  I wanted to thank you guys for working with me on my recent home purchase, despite my bruised credit.  At first I was very nervous about working with you guys.  I had been turned down before and was just confused and scared when we gave you our deposit. Since I had been told no before I did not understand how you were able to say yes.  Although things took a little bit longer than expected, we were happy to be living in our new home on the lease purchase program.  Thank you for providing us with the home of our dreams and working with us thru the process and our unique situation. 


Forever grateful,
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Ester Guzman
Deer Park, TX

Thanks to Alex we were lucky to find a wonderful and affordable house with his lease to own program we were able to lease the house and purchase it without any issues.  Thanks Alex for everything.
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L Thompson and S Sullivan
Harvey, LA

"Thanks for helping us get the house of our dreams. We were told time and again that we couldn’t buy a house, but you gave us a great deal long before we thought we could even buy!"

Fresh Start Investment Group, LLC
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Robert and Stephanie W.
Waco, TX

Dear Mike and Jean.
   Its been about one year since I was driving home from work that day I decided to call your sign on the street.
I can honestly say what a wonderful experience it has been working with you both.
My life has certainly turned around. Having a house in foreclosure has to be one of the most stressful times that I've been through.
 I would like to thank you both from the bottom of my heart. Just to meet people that you can trust is Huge. That seems to be a rare thing these days, to find someone who genuinely wants to help people.
I'm still wowing about you two taking over all my worries with that house and then to recommend you to my friend and received a check from you, wonderful.
I consider my self to be very lucky to have truly amazing people in my life, like you two.
thank you thank you !!!!!!
M & J Development LLC , COLORADO
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Kirsty L.
Denver, CO

"We can't thank you enough for making it possible for us to own a home after our recent financial crisis...We thought we'd have to rent forever until we met you.  Thanks to your extremely flexible and very fair terms we were able to move into our new home in less than 2 weeks... I've never had such a simple and pleasant buying experience." – George and Suzanne Brown


"Thanks to you and your company we were able to buy a house now and get settled in and settle down instead of having to rent again…Your simple, straightforward and flexible buying plan is wonderful.  You make it possible for people to buy houses that normally could not.  You are honest and friendly..."  – Lance and Sarah Sue Ray


"If not for your rent-to-own program, we would still be throwing money away, month after month, on rent, with out working toward home ownership... Your program is perfect for people who, for whatever reason, want to own a home but can't get a mortgage right away." – Mr. & Mrs. T. Clark


"...thank you for everything you did to get us in a house.  We never thought it would happen so soon.  This is something we have been hoping, dreaming and praying about.  Thank you for making it all come true.  We are so excited and anxious to move!  It will be so great for our boys, a place for them to running around and be free... can’t thank you enough!" – The Klug Family


"Well, it has been 2 weeks since we closed...we wanted to stop long enough to write you a thank you letter and express our sincere appreciation for everything you’ve done.  There is no doubt in our mind if it wasn’t for you ... we wouldn’t be living in Colorado today.  To be honest, at first I was skeptical of you…I thought all investors were scam artists, but I was wrong about you and your company.  Not only did you sell us this house at a fair price, but you kept your word on everything you said you would do.  Then after that you directed us to an excellent mortgage broker where we got financing for our home... we have learned to trust you for the person you are and would highly recommend you… thanks again for giving us a new start." – Richard and Janice Doty

Homes Seller USA
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Mrs and Mrs Clark
Jonesboro, GA

Martin called me on Tuesday, looked at two homes and fell in love with the Knox Court 2 bedroom home. "Wow only $895/ month? and $2000 down? and you will help me with my credit?" By Saturday Morning at 10am he had the keys to his new home! " I can't wait to build a garage and a fence" He said.
M & J Development LLC , COLORADO
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Martin Rodriguez
Denver, CO

Ryan looked at this home one day. Applied and put down a deposit the next. Was approved, paid the rest of the option fee, signed the option &lease papers and got the keys to his new home.... "all in 3 Days"
M & J Development LLC , COLORADO
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Ryan Watson
Centennial, CO

"Mike, both you and Jean exceeded my expectations throughout the whole process. Both of my properties presented unique challenges that you were able find solutions for and close on the deals. Thanks again for your hard work, professionalism, and delivering on your promises. You're offering a unique and much needed service". Yes - please keep in touch with e-mail updates.
M & J Development LLC , COLORADO
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Brian Miller
Falls Church, VA

You really should see this house.  The folks at Property Match let me have my choice as to whether or not I wanted to do some light repairs myself in exchange for lowest possible price, or they would fix it up exactly how I wanted it.

I chose to just fix it up myself.  It didn't need much, and since I did the work myself, I got an even better deal.  I'm now sitting on a ton of equity and could probably make a lot of money if I sold it.  Every one in the neighborhood wants to buy it, and they can't beleive the deal I got. 
Property Match
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Terry Gherling
University City, MO

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